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Early detection and action are keys to avoiding a Charlotte NC Bed Bug Infestation.

When bed bugs begin to multiply, many Charlotte residents and business owners have traditionally panicked at the hands of these bloodsuckers.  At Charlotte Bed Bug Exterminator we truly care about protecting your loved ones and pets from the terror bed bugs can create in a household.  Don’t compromise you and your family’s health! Call Charlotte Bed Bug Exterminator today! 704-916-9560

Charlotte Bed Bug Exterminator

Bed Bugs can live and hide most anywhere you sleep. Click on the link below to see some learn some of the places these scary creatures hide in your bedroom. 

Charlotte NC Best Bed bug exterminator control

Charlotte Bed Bug Exterminator residential and domestic Treatments are tailored to meet your individual specific needs using the most advanced tools and techniques, together with our on staff Certified Bed Bug Control Experts, we offer the very safest and most effective methodologies and control strategies in the Bed Bug Extermination Business.  

Charlotte NC Best Bed bug exterminator control

Charlotte Bed Bug Exterminator is the number one rated Bed Bug Control Exterminator in the Carolinas and we have become the go-to pest control company for Bed Bug infestations in the Charlotte NC area. Click below to learn more about our professional bed bug extermination. 

Charlotte's Best Rated Bed Bug Control Exterminator

Welcome to The Number 1 Bed Bug Treatment in Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte Bed Bug Exterminator has an track record in ending bed bug infestations in and around the Charlotte Mecklenburg  the very best Bed Bug Extermination services


We’re the Bed Bug Removal Company Charlotte Always Calls

Are you smelling a strange musty odor in the air that is somehow sweet? That may be counterintuitive, but that is likely a sign of yet another Charlotte bed bug that calls for a bed bug exterminator intervention. Yes, we get those calls all the time.

While you’ll rarely  see them—although adult bed bugs are the size of an apple seed—, bed bugs are likely already infesting your home. In fact, since bed bugs bite, you may even find bloodstains that you couldn’t relate to any explanation… until now.

The kind of bed bugs Charlotte has is of the same type of in any other place in America. They hide like pros, they spread like wildfire, and DIY bed bug treatments never work for these nasty any little creatures who love feeding on human blood. The good news is that if you came here looking for the best bed bug exterminator in Charlotte, North Carolina,  we’re happy to say that our team is the most educated Bed Bug technicians in the business. 

  • Our bed bugs removal process starts with a free telephone consultation and estimate. We need to determine the exact nature and size of the problem and establish a detailed bed bug extermination plan to execute.
  • We offer you a free quote based on our conclusions so that you can tell us whether you want to proceed with our services or not.
  • As the most popular bug exterminator in Charlotte, we know that you’ll probably be concerned with the bed bug exterminator’s cost you’ll need to pay. However, our prices are very affordable, so you don’t need to worry about it.
  • Although we use an eco-friendly Bed Bug Control approach, heat, and conventional steam treatments; Chemical Treatments are the most common and most efficient.
  • In any case, we guarantee that your home or business will be free from bed bugs once we use the best bed bug treatment available for your particular situation!

    Charlotte Bed Bug Exterminator

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This is why we are the exterminator in Charlotte NC that keeps homes protected from Bed Bugs.

Bed Bugs —We know and use all the safest and most effective bed bug treatments, so you can rely on us for 100% effective bed bug control.

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As the leading Bed Bug  Exterminator in Charlotte NC, our service is based on trust and transparency. That’s why our Bed Bug Extermination control approach always starts with a free telephone interview followed by free quote. 


Obviously, cost guides your decision process. You may worry about the typically high exterminator’s costs you’ll find out there, but we actually offer an extremely affordable bed bug infestation control service in Charlotte North Carolina. Just the fact that we don’t consider a job done until the pest management requirement isn’t fully completed says it all. In other words, if we need to visit you again to complete the job, you won’t be charged again for that.

Safety First

We only use safe and eco-friendly pest control Bed Bug Extermination strategies, which are always safe for your home and family or for your office and employees.

Adjusted to Your Schedule

We’re the Charlotte Bed Bug Extermination control service that literally adjusts to your schedule instead of forcing you to adjust to ours.

Licensed and Insured

We are a fully licensed and insured Charlotte NC Bed Bug Extermination Company. We make sure we go above and beyond any legal requirements when it comes to complying with existing laws and regulations in our industry.

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