Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

A bedbug infestation in your Charlotte NC home can be extremely distressing and, therefore, it is imperative that the problem is resolved swiftly and efficiently from the start. We are a dedicated bed bug control extermination company which specializes solely in the eradication of bedbugs. Consequently, we are your best choice in Charlotte and the Carolinas to help you resolve any Bed Bug Infestation problem quickly and cost effectively.

Our dedicated staff assist you over the phone and assess your situation, confirm by pics or technician inspection the presence of bedbugs, establish the safest, most efficient treatment method and determine, along with you the most appropriate course of action, prior to treatment implementation.

Our sole aim is to get your home and family bedbug free as quickly as possible with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

  • Dedicated specialist technicians.
  • 100% Green and effective treatment options.
  • Benefit from our extensive experience in resolving other difficult bed bug cases in the Charlotte area.
  • Cost-effective and affordable treatments with no unnecessary disposal of furniture, clothes or personal belongings.
  • All treatments are backed by our Gold Standard Guarantee.


In the event that preparation is required, due to a dispersed or heavy infestation, we will provide clear instructions regarding what needs to be done in advance of treatment. If necessary, we can arrange for our “Prep Support Team” to help you with this task.


The first stage of any treatment program is to assess the situation via telephone conversation. It is often helpful to text specimen photos for positive ID. Other instances may require on site inspections. Whatever the case our office staff is here to guide you to the peace of mind you and your family deserve.  Our standard form of confirmation is the visible ID via texted photos or in person inspection and detection of one or all of the recognized activity signs, which include live samples, cast skins or fecal traces. In the case of fecal traces. 

During the assessment, we focus on establishing the extent, duration and dispersal of the infestation to determine the most appropriate and efficient treatment program. It also helps us to better understand your exposure profile and thus what steps you need to take to ensure bedbugs stay away. Each room is thoroughly treated ensure that we address every possible infestation site from the start.



All Charlotte Bed Bug Exterminator assessment and treatment services are fully supported by a customized step-by-step instruction from our bed bug professionals to ensure that you know exactly what needs to be done to assist us in resolving your infestation. We gladly provide documentation to prove you home, business or facility is Guaranteed Bed Bug Free!



We always fully respect the confidentiality of our clients, we have unmarked vehicles (by request only) if you need us to be discreet. (State Laws may apply) We will not attempt to turn your home into something out of a Hollywood Sci-Fi film, with pipes and tubes running to the windows and doors like Ghostbusters or ET. Even when pushed on live TV we avoid talking about the identities of the people we work with and discuss the wider implications of the issue of Bed Bugs impacting the Charlotte Region.


All our work is carried out to the highest standards with due regard of health and safety of our technicians and clients home, family and pets. . Furthermore, no work will be carried out until  the extent of the problem has been identified.

Like paramedics our role is to rapidly assess and triage situations, basing quick decisions on the facts of the situation and what needs to be done to rapidly resolve the problem.

‍‍‍If you have been previously treated by another firm that could not take care of your bed bug problem, or have self-treated with no success, please let our office manager know in advance. 

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